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Becoming a Volunteer

Our volunteer workers come from a diverse range of nationalities and cultural backgrounds. All volunteers provide written applications and after due consideration are invited to spend time with us looking after our residents. Our volunteers usually stay with us for periods of up to 12 months. Thereafter, many volunteers return from time to time in successive years as they enjoy working with our wonderful residents!

Most new volunteers will have one or two residents in their house with whom they will work more closely. With the help of either your house co-ordinator or a more experienced volunteer, you will learn to help, encourage and educate the residents. They need help with care of their possessions, recreational activities, and participation in daily routines. In some cases they also require intimate personal care.

Each resident has their own private room and they are supported with all their needs by one or more volunteers. You will be responsible for a range of activities to support and nurture our residents as well as play a full part in the growth and development of the William Blake House community.

Entering fully into the life of a community such as that at William Blake House makes new and often unexpected demands on the individual volunteer.

Meal times together

Volunteers and residents take their meals together in the houses. Some of the residents, with the help of volunteers, will have helped with growing the produce, cooking the meal or perhaps just laying the tables. The meal times can become a focus of social contact, conversation and appreciation of what each one has to offer.

Entering fully into the life of a community such as that at William Blake House makes new and often unexpected demands on the individual volunteer and so our House Coordinators and House Managers are often on hand with words of guidance and kind encouragement.

Become part of an extended family

Belonging to an individual house means that you are part of an "extended family", with all the stresses and rewards which that entails - sharing in the daily routine of work and recreation, living very closely with a number of other adults as well as with the residents, and becoming aware of the many different feelings and temperaments that go to make up the collective spirit of the household.

Sharing fully in all the joint responsibilities and duties of the house, you will at times find the day-to-day work both exhausting and challenging. Many tasks will seem very basic and routine; others will make unexpected demands upon your personal initiative, self-discipline and presence of mind, yet all those duties, whether simple or complex, are absolutely essential for the successful care of the residents in your charge.

Your sense of achievement will come from knowing that you have contributed effectively to the well-being of the residents and volunteers at William Blake House as a whole.

William Blake House are always interested in hearing from prospective volunteers from the UK and European Union. Please email us and request an application form. We will require your personal details as well as some idea of any previous experience you may have, although this is not essential. Your personal details are treated as confidential and will only used for the purposes of your application to join William Blake House.

We are appreciative of all prospective volunteers. Here are some frequently asked questions for those of you thinking of joining us.

Is there a minimum age?

Yes, you need to be 18 years or over to join us.

How long can I stay?

Priority is given to those who come for 12 months, although we also consider applications for 6 months.

What are the personal qualities of a good volunteer?

An awareness (or empathy) of how others feel is essential. It is the basis for forming positive relationships with residents as well as with other volunteer workers. We expect volunteers to respect each other's views, tolerate differences of opinion, and be open to others' ideas.

Are places open equally for men and women?

Yes, we place importance on equal opportunities. We welcome applications from men and women to join our existing mixed team.

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Interested in volunteering?

Why not email us for more information at office@williamblakehouse.com

Farm Cottage at William Blake House

What we offer our volunteers

  • Accommodation & weekly allowance
  • English lessons
  • Use of a car ( subject to policy guidelines)
  • Internet access in all houses
  • Telephone dialling card
  • All food provided
  • Daily activities
  • Travel allowance
  • Annual holidays