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Volunteer Accommodation

At William Blake House, we feel you’ll be delighted with our accommodation and facilities. Comfortable and modern, our homes are maintained to the highest standards and this helps to ensure that you will enjoy your time working with us.

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The homes are generally spacious with attractive gardens. All homes are located in pleasant villages in the Northamptonshire countryside near the historic town of Towcester.

Home Life

‘Home Life’ is the heart of our life together. Although every household is engaged in different activities during the day, mealtimes and free time are usually spent together. There are three houses at the present time, each accommodating up to five residents. Within each house there are young adult residents with a variety of disabilities, each with their own room. Each volunteer has one or two residents assigned to them. The grouping together of residents with differing abilities has also proved to be of profound therapeutic value.

A volunteer usually accompanies the same residents through the day from morning to evening and again the next day and for most of the week. The volunteer will often also assist in workshops and activities. This continuity of care is of significant importance for the experience and general well-being of the residents.

Interested in volunteering?

Why not email us for more information at office@williamblakehouse.com


What we offer our volunteers

  • Accommodation & weekly allowance
  • English lessons
  • Use of a car ( subject to policy guidelines)
  • Internet access in all houses
  • Telephone dialling card
  • All food provided
  • Daily activities
  • Travel allowance
  • Annual holidays