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Service Specification

Our Ethos

William Blake House provides a permanent home to people with learning disabilities who require a high level of care and support to ensure that all of their needs can be effectively met.  The services at William Blake House are based on the Steiner principles. Our small group homes are able to offer a personalised package of support, supervision and holistic care. William Blake House focuses on the individual and their needs.  The work is person centred; detailed and involved care plans are constructed leading to the development of a full Person Centred Plan (PCP).  Residents are encouraged to lead their life and take part in daily activities including gardening, singing, supported work placements, walks in the local area, shopping, arts and crafts, and regular visits to the local spa for swimming.

Our Residents' Homes

William Blake House provides residential care to twelve adults with learning disabilities. We have three homes, all situated in idyllic village locations where residents are supported to be valued, integrated members of their community. All our homes are located close to the market town of Towcester. Team Leaders plus a team of carers support each house directly, with management support available at all times.

Stone Cottage is a 4 bedroom detached property (registered for 3 bedrooms by the CQC) in the village of Lois Weedon, Northamptonshire. The service is very much part of the local community within a rural setting. We participate in all local village life and our residents take an active role in the local church and village hall. Residents have access to a farm and all other resources available to it within the community.

Farm Cottage is a 5 bedroom detached property (registered for 4 bedrooms by the CQC) in the village of Lois Weedon, Northamptonshire. It is located in close proximity to Stone Cottage and is also very much part of the local community within a rural setting. We participate in all local village life and our residents take an active role in the local church and village hall. Residents have access to a farm and all other resources available within the community.

Blakesley is a 6 bedroom detached property (registered for 5 bedrooms by the CQC) in the village of Blakesley, Northamptonshire. The home is located in the village High Street, with nearby Post Office/general stores as well as the local pub. We participate in all local village life and our residents take an active role in the local church and wider community. Residents enjoy the extensive gardens and tending their chickens.
Residents have access to a farm and all other resources available within the community.

Personal Care and Support

Personal care needs are assessed on an ongoing basis. Parents and/or ‘stakeholders’ are closely involved in identifying areas of support and daily routines which are then detailed in each individual resident Care Plan. Residents are encouraged to be involved in their personal care and are supported to make choices whenever possible. Our residents receive personal support in the way they prefer and require, promoting privacy, dignity and independence. All staff receive comprehensive training specific to working with adults with learning disabilities in accordance with CQC regulations and the National Minimum Standards.

Health and Well Being

William Blake House also prides itself on its excellent provision of therapeutic services from hydrotherapy to movement, massage, and art therapy for the residents.  Each resident is individually assessed by trained therapists and all this is overseen by Dr. James Dyson (Medical Advisor).  Alongside the therapy team William Blake House has excellent relationships with the local General Practice of Doctors and The Community Team for People with Learning Disabilities (CTPLD). All of our residents are registered with a local GP. Individual residents are supported to attend all medical appointments both locally and in specialist hospital departments. All residents will have a comprehensive ‘Health Action Plan’ developed based on their individual needs.


The residents are protected by William Blake House policies and procedures for dealing with medication. The policies are reviewed regularly by a qualified pharmacist who also provides training to our staff.  All medication is stored in a locked cabinet in accordance with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) regulations. 


All residents will receive an assessment from the Community Team for People with Learning Disabilities and a Speech and Language Therapist. William Blake House are committed to ensuring that each individual is empowered to communicate their views and wishes and this process can be supported by the use of an independent advocate. Residents of William Blake House are encouraged to participate in decision making processes which directly affect their daily life.

Each resident will have a communication passport developed around their needs which is reviewed and updated on a regular basis.

Cultural, Spiritual and Emotional Needs

William Blake House is a multi-cultural organisation; equality and diversity are naturally incorporated in our every day work/life in our community. We liaise closely with the parents of our residents and professionals to ensure that the cultural, spiritual and emotional needs of all our residents can be fully met.  In accordance with the Steiner philosophy the residents are offered a healthy organic diet with respect given to preferences and culture and we are equipped to cater for all dietary requirements. Residents can be supported to attend a church of their faith and as an organisation we celebrate a variety of festivals. Residents are supported by staff possessing an excellent understanding of all their needs who are committed to promoting their independence and choice.

Behaviour Management

All residents are monitored and reviewed on an ongoing basis. Where there is the need for specific behaviour management strategies, these are detailed in the Care Plan and in the residents' individual risk assessments following consultation with parents.

William Blake House have strong links with the local Community Team for People with Learning Disabilities (CTPLD) and their specialist community nurses offer advice and support when necessary.

Work Placement and Further Learning Opportunities

William Blake House have long established links with local community businesses which are able to offer supported work placements to our residents. Our residents are experiencing work placements in a local café, a local garage, a llama farm and a charity shop. As part of the ethos of a Steiner led service, we also have exclusive access to a farm providing our residents with the opportunity to participate in horticulture as well as learning about the changing seasons. We are conscious of the part we play in taking care of our environment and residents are encouraged to assist with recycling activities. We also provide further learning opportunities on an individual basis with special regard to advancing English literacy skills and encouraging an awareness of current community and global affairs.

Social and Leisure Activities

As our homes are situated in rural locations, our residents are supported to go out into the local community for walks and to integrate fully into village life. They are encouraged to maintain regular contact with their family and friends by telephone, Skype, letter, and email, and we facilitate regular visits between residents and their families.  We offer extensive opportunity for socialisation. All our residents are members of a local swimming pool and are supported by their carers to access the pool and other facilities.

Residents from all the houses meet up for ‘in house’ activities such as gardening workshops, arts and crafts, and singing and music groups. Each resident has the opportunity to be involved in all aspects of housekeeping and will be supported to go shopping for clothes and personal effects. Our residents enjoy going for meals in local pubs and restaurants as well as visiting the cinema and theatre. Residents and staff take an annual holiday and residents will be involved in all aspects of choosing and organising such trips, wherever possible.


Each household has a dedicated vehicle for the exclusive use of residents. Public transport can be utilised dependent on availability and resident needs.

Quality Monitoring

All stakeholders will be encouraged to feedback to William Blake House their views on the services provided. The feedback will be gathered via reviews and annual questionnaires as well as face to face meetings, telephone conversations or emails.


All staff at William Blake House will receive mandatory training (and continued refresher and revisions as required) as well as specialist training based on the needs of the individuals within our services. Training is sourced both internally and externally to ensure that we exceed all regulatory requirements and ensure the continued development of our staff team.


William Blake House has a comprehensive recruitment policy and has embarked on a programme of involving residents directly in the recruitment of staff. This means that as part of the interview process, we would encourage residents to put forward, or ask directly, questions for prospective staff. All staff are checked via the Criminals Records Bureau (CRB) and certificates retained on staff files. These checks are refreshed every two years. 

Health and Safety

The health, safety and welfare of our residents is a fundamental tenet of our provision. We recognise that our residents’ homes are first and foremost their homes; however, we ensure that the environment is safe and meets all current health and safety criteria.

Complaints, Protection of Vulnerable Adults

William Blake House believes that every vulnerable individual in the community has the right to live free from abuse. We aim to work in collaboration with other agencies to uphold the right of vulnerable individuals to be protected from harm or exploitation, making constructive and appropriate use of the law. Staff are trained in recognising and dealing with incidents of abuse, respecting the dignity and privacy of the individual. All our residents and stakeholders are made aware of our complaints procedure and how to raise any concerns or issues. We follow the Northamptonshire (our host authority) arrangements for the Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults (SoVA) and have developed our policies and procedures on this basis.

The Future

Our professional management team are committed to leading William Blake House into the future with a programme of continuous improvement and staff development using a multi disciplinary approach. Our residents will continue to benefit from a full programme of stimulating activity and work placement opportunities, promoting their personal growth and independence.


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Mission Statement

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