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In William Blake House there is a team of anthroposophical therapists and curative educators providing valuable services to improve the overall health and well-being of the residents.


Eurythmy is an expressive movement art originated by Rudolf Steiner in conjunction with Marie von Sivers in the early 20th century. Primarily a performance art, it is also used in education - especially in Waldorf education and as a movement therapy.

Anthroposophic Art Therapy

Art therapy helps to harmonise what has become one-sided, transforming habits by awakening new faculties of the imagination. It is based on the understanding of a human being in accordance with the image given by Rudolf Steiner. Subtle processes work on the feelings and emotions to restore inner balance, which in turn affect the health of the physical body. Physical well being and emotional life are deeply connected, and so art therapy is able to complement the effect of prescribed medicines.

Participating in art therapy provides the opportunity to take part in one's own healing process as it stimulates individual initiative in accordance with one's own needs and aims. This strengthens inherent forces of health, which may have been displaced by illness.

Rhythmical Massage Therapy / Hydrotherapy

Rhythmical Massage is a holistic treatment which aims to restore harmony in the individual when imbalances caused by illness and stress become dominant. Warmth, breathing and rhythm play an important role in the body's own healing capability, which the therapist strives to enhance by using gentle rounded movements and suction rather than pressure, working more in the realm of levity than gravity. Special substances are used which can specifically address imbalances of forces.

Hydrotherapy uses water to provide or assist with physical therapy. Methods include underwater massage, water jets, floatation, and the use of water or steam as a medium to administer aromatherapy oils and essences. Hydrotherapy can take place in the comfortable and luxurious surroundings of the local spa.

One form of hydrotherapy used in treatments is the oil dispersion bath. By finely dispersing the appropriate oil in a bath of warm water the oil can be gently absorbed directly through the skin. in this way the body has a fine layer of oil completely covering it, which continues to be absorbed during the rest period following the bath treatment.

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