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Social Activities

William Blake House offers various social activities to assist our residents with their social interaction skills and to provide opportunities for involvement in enjoyable group workshops.

Music Appreciation and Dance

Once a week the whole community comes together to listen to music.  It may be relaxation music, in which case we sit or recline peacefully with subdued lighting and enjoy being in the moment and listening to a soothing playlist.  Sometimes it's disco, and then we dance, throw balls around, and have a good laugh.  Other times the residents bring their own CDs and take turns to share their favourite music with the group.


We have a storyteller who visits us each week and tells a story from his repertoire of exciting, magical, and mysterious tales, enhanced by live music, costumes, props, and parts for the residents and staff to play.

A music sessionMusic Making

Residents who have a particular interest in playing music have weekly sessions in which they use keyboards, hand percussion, and guitars to express themselves and communicate with the session facilitator.

Some of the music created by the residents has also been recorded and made into a CD to be enjoyed in the houses.


Baking is a regular part of home life at William Blake House.  Our residents are always involved in this - buying ingredients, weighing, mixing, and choosing fruits, herbs and spices to add an extra burst of flavour to our bread and cakes. Whatever their ability, each resident will experience the process of baking food as a community - and of course everyone enjoys the taste-testing stage!

Arts and Crafts

At William Blake House we are closely attuned to the seasons and the rhythm of the year, and we celebrate many annual festivals.  This provides constant inspiration for themed art and craft projects.  We have a wealth of supplies and materials always on hand for these stimulating and rewarding activities.


This workshop gives an opportunity for residents to read the newspapers and to be aware of current affairs, with the support of an experienced facilitator.

Social activities at William Blake House

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